Tracy Gallardo
  • Spanish
  • Class of 2014
  • Detroit, MI

Detroit Mercy student Tracy Gallardo of Detroit, MI spends summer interning with GM and mentoring Detroit-area high school students

2014 Aug 28

Introduced in May 2013, GM Student Corps continued this summer hiring 106 Detroit-area and Flint students from 12 high schools. Students not only received paid internship with GM, but had the opportunity to give back to their neighborhoods. One of 13 interns from University of Detroit Mercy, Tracy Gallardo was hired by GM to mentor, guide, and lead the program with the help of GM retirees.

"As a university located in the city of Detroit, we're honored to partner with General Motors on a program that not only invests in our city but in our young people - it's an excellent model of how intergenerational leadership and service can benefit the entire region," said UDM President Dr. Antoine Garibaldi.

The Student Corps tackled community park cleanup, park and athletic field restoration, building repairs and painting, among other projects. They learned teamwork and leadership skills and developed a deeper connection to their communities, and each other, along the way.